Antlerless deer licenses go on sale July 9 in Pennsylvania.
Before purchasing an antlerless license, hunters have to buy a regular hunting license for 2018-19 and obtain a pink envelope and application for their antlerless license. Hunters can mail the application with a check for $6.90 in a pink envelope now so it arrives at a county treasurer’s office on July 9.
Nonresidents can apply for antlerless licenses on July 16, and they pay $26.90
Resident applicants need to make checks and money orders payable to “County Treasurer.”
A list of participating county treasurers and their addresses is provided by issuing agents when licenses are purchased and can be found within the 2018-19 Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest, which can be purchased with a license or viewed online.
Applications that are incomplete or sent without proper remittance will be rejected and returned to the applicant.
In any wildlife management unit where antlerless licenses remain, resident and nonresident applicants may apply for a second license beginning Aug. 6, and a third license Aug. 20.
Applications during these rounds are accepted by mail only, and must be mailed with proper remittance in an official pink envelope, which ordinarily is provided by the license-issuing agent at the time a general hunting license is purchased.
In most parts of the state, hunters are limited to purchasing a total of three antlerless licenses.
However, in WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D, an unlimited number of licenses can be obtained. Each hunter may apply for only one license per round in those WMUs until Aug. 6, when an unlimited number of applications can be submitted. Only three applications can be mailed in each envelope.
If licenses remain, over-the-counter sales begin Aug. 27 in WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D, and Oct. 1 in all other WMUs.