The sun shined, but droplets hit as if I were skiing through a rainstorm.

It wasn’t a sun shower.

Rather trees at Hazle Twp. Community Park were shedding from the previous day’s sleet storm.

I got pelted by crystals as soon as I began skiing toward Lake Irena.

In a few hundred feet, my hair was damp.

If the ice had been fully frozen I’d probably be scarred.

Trees were shaking off water water like a dog emerging from the lake.

I pulled on my hood as a shield and kept skiing.

The plops provided a soundscape to a landscape that included clear crystals of ice glinting off the snow.

Ice still covered the lake, but water was opening as near the bridge.

After a half-hour on the trail, the trees had lost their glaze.

The ice fall had ceased, and the sun beamed through pure blue sky.

Lake Irena, Hazle Twp. Community Park