The Blue Ridge Rifles Muzzleloader Club will host a five-day Eastern Pennsylvania Rendezvous and Muzzleloader Shoot at its 22-acre range, off Route 183, south of Summit Station, during Memorial Day Weekend.
Early setup gets underwayMay 25. Camp breaks on May 29.
Shooting events are slated for May 26 to 28.
As in other years, contestants will fire traditional muzzleloaders with flintlock and percussion ignitions. They’re loaded with blackpowder and shoot patched roundballs.
For the first time Blue Ridge is providing a competitive match for modern, inline muzzleloaders.
Named the 50-yard Hunter Challenge, the paper-target match is open to firearms of all ignitions, sights and optics and is sponsored by the Red Lion Café, Pine Grove, and Stony Gun and Archery, Tower City.
In all shooting events, prizes go the top three competitors.
Campers and day visitors may compete. Informal shooting sessions, including blanket shoots and a woods walk, are planned.
To enter a blanket shoot, participants place a prize of a designated value on a blanket, and prizes are then selected in order of finish.
A woods walk involves shooting at targets of unknown distances, similar to hunting.
Because of grants from the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association and the Schuylkill County Sportsmen’s Association, there is no charge for competitors 16 and younger, including members of the YHEC teams, for events such as the Juniors Match, the archery woods walk and the knife and hawk.
D.G. Yuengling and Sons Brewery, Pottsville, is continuing its sponsorship of the Yuengling 50-Yard Challenge, which will be held alongside the 50-Yard Hunter
Challenge. Other paper targets are shot at 25 yards for rifles, smoothbores and pistols.
Separate events are held for men, women and juniors, with the Women’s Match sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, Harrisburg, and the Smoothbore Match sponsored by Custom Gun Finishes, Minersville.
There is also a primitive range with novelty targets at varying distances.
Specialty matches are held after the regular shooting events for rifles, fowlers and shotguns – with the event being sponsored by the Schuylkill County Sportsmen’s Advisory Board. These matches include clay birds and candle shoots, which are shot at dark with competitors attempting to shoot out the flame without hitting the candle stick.
Separate from the firing line is a primitive archery woods walk and a knife and tomahawk area. There are also non-shooting events and contests and primitive games for children.