Hi, everyone! Hope your Halloween was safe and enjoyable. I had my fun on Monday night checking out “Evil Dead: The Musical” at the Kirby Center. It was, shall we say, groovy.

I meant to post this earlier, but we’ve been a little shorthanded staffwise and so I’ve been pitching in a little extra. Over the last week or so at practice, I asked some of your favorite Penguins personnel how they celebrated Halloween growing up. Some of the answers were pretty fun:

Forward Gage Quinney

“It was pretty good. We used to go to some of the gated communities (around Las Vegas) where they give out the bigger candy bars. It was really fun. … My best (costume) was, probably, I dressed up as Jackie Moon from ‘Semi-Pro.'”

On what scares him most: “Clowns. That ‘It’ movie — it wasn’t really scary, I guess, just it was the clown was so ugly it was kind of creepy.”

Defenseman Kevin Spinozzi

“I’ve been celebrating Halloween for as long as I can remember. Last year, I was in juniors and I ended up being the dad with some of the billet kids staying with us. … I wasn’t much into the costume — just going house-to-house to get the candy, it was a really fun time.”

On what scares him most: “Probably snakes. Not a big fan of snakes. Those things creep me out.”

Forward Ryan Haggerty

“I definitely celebrated Halloween. Trick-or-treating, the whole nine yards. No mischief. When I was a little kid, i was always an army guy. From (age) 10-14, I was a hockey guy. and from then on I kinda got to that stage where I was too cool for Halloween and now it’s just all fun and games.”

On his favorite candy: “I’m a big Snickers guy. I crave chocolate, and I always get a Snickers for some reason. It’s kind of my go to. But, I can’t say I’ve had one in a while.”

Head coach Clark Donatelli

“I lived on a street with all my cousins. I probably had 20-25 cousins, all my grandfather’s brothers. We had some really big, crazy Halloweens on the street and everyone went. Those days were a lot of fun. It was always kinda getting cold, so we’d always be running around. We didn’t buy the big costumes, though. Everyone was a hobo or a bum or something like that..”

In case you’re wondering, I dressed as a Penguins goalie one year. And even better, I went to a costume party at Hersheypark and drew a lot of groans and joking jabs from the employees. Good times. Other costumes I can remember are an astronaut, a cell phone, McDonald’s french fries and an evil doctor.

And the three candy kings are Reese’s Cups, Smarties and Kit-Kats. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

I promise we’ll get back to hockey going forward.

— Tyler