The Wyoming Valley Conference is represented by SEVEN TEAMS and 55 STUDENT-ATHLETES on the 2015 National Field Hockey Coaches Association National Academic Squad.

According to the NFHCA’s website, the national agency recognizes high school seniors and juniors who acheived a minimum 3.5 (out of 4.0) GPA through the first quarter of the 2015-16 school year.

Those student-athletes with a GPA of 3.9 or greater are recognized as Scholars of Distinction. Scholars of Distinction are listed with an “*” next to their name in the list below.

Coughlin (12):¬†Emily Anderson; Katie Anderson; Lexi Kowalski*; M’Kensie Lee; Amy Llewellyn; April Llewellyn; Kalie Reed; Courtney Regan; Savanna Robinson; Mykala Slavish*; Brigid Wood*; Kyra Wozniak.

Crestwood (10): Hannah Ackers*; Elizabeth Dessoye; Marlee Dillon*; Cara Jarmiolowski*; Jordan Olenginski*; Nicole Paranich*; Hunter Pitman*; Lauren Rowski*; Ashleigh Thomas; Paige Zaleppa*.

Dallas (6): Mikaila Chakon; Morgan Clark; Rachel Habib*; Maddie Kelley; Zoe Stepanski; Sarah Strazdus*.

Delaware Valley (4): Liz Cooney; Shaina Klein*; Jessica Quinn*; Leah Yost*.

Wyoming Area (14): Grace Angelella*; Bree Bednarski*; Madison Beppler*; Victoria Braccini*; Lexi Crossley; Lindsey Feeney*; Grace Gober*; Laura Heinzlmeir; Samantha Holcomb; Megan Mattioli*; Madison Mulhern*; Paige Norton; Emilie Wanko; Katie Wolfgang*.

Wyoming Seminary (5): Gabrielle Grossman*; Melinda Holena; Kate Romanowski; Alexis Sokach; Abby Straub.

Valley West (4): Payton Boler; Erin Gibbons; Nina Magnotta; Rebecca Podskoch.

The rest of the selections could be viewed here.