Hazleton Area’s Tiana Treon / photo by Warren Ruda of The Citizens’ Voice

The Wyoming Valley Conference’s softball coaches recently met, selected all-stars, and distributed the results to the press.

The highest honors were presented to the following Most Valuable Players of their respective divisions:

  • Tiana Treon of Hazleton Area (Division 1)
  • Jenna Lipowski and Miranda Bohn of Nanticoke Area (Division 2)
  • Morgan Bienkowski of Holy Redeemer (Division 3)

Most Outstanding Players, or Players of the Year, were also selected:

  • Audi Welles of Valley West (Division 1)
  • Hope Jones and Kendra Schultz of Tunkhannock (Division 2)
  • Brittany Hebda of Holy Redeemer and Cassandra Konopki of Lake-Lehman (Division 3)

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find the three divisions’ all-star teams in their entirety.

But first, a tease for our Citizens’ Voice All-Star team, which will be published Monday, June 26. Recent Players of the Year include Nanticoke Area’s Lipowski in 2015 and Redeemer teammates Kristen Coffay and Bienkowski in 2016.

This year’s Citizens’ Voice All-Star team features a question-and-answer profile with the Player of the Year, as well as write-ups on 14 other all-stars.

The coaches’ all-star teams will be published in the newspaper shortly after our Citizens’ Voice All-Star team runs.

With no further adieu, here is how the coaches voted …

Division 1

First team

MVP: Tiana Treon, Hazleton Area
Most Outstanding Player: Audi Welles, Valley West
Tori Martin, Coughlin
Sydney Sobolewski, Crestwood
Hope Kinney, Hazleton Area
Megan Trivelpiece, Hazleton Area
Taylor Kaschak, Hazleton Area
Erika Book, Hazleton Area
Alexa McHugh, Pittston Area
Lexi Felinski, Pittston Area
Gabby Para, Pittston Area
Nina Cencetti, Pittston Area
Payton Boler, Valley West
Jaden Belles, Valley West
Mandi Zawadzki, Valley West
Second team
Molly Poray, Coughlin
Mady Heller, Crestwood
Marissa Trivelpiece, Hazleton Area
Rebecca Rossi, Hazleton Area
Morgan Mesaris, Pittston Area
Madisyn Antal, Pittston Area
Taryn Ashby, Pittston Area
Shayla Williams, Pittston Area
Katie Rincavage, Valley West
Erin Gibbons, Valley West
Colleen Cwalina, Valley West
Morgan Klosko, Valley West
Division 2
First team
Co-MVP: Jenna Lipowski, Nanticoke Area
Co-MVP: Miranda Bohn, Nanticoke Area
Co-Player of the Year: Hope Jones, Tunkhannock
Co-Player of the Year: Kendra Schultz, Tunkhannock
Maddie Kelley, Dallas
Jess Parente, Wyoming Area
Peyton Ross, Dallas
Kylie Levan, Berwick
Faith Jones, Tunkhannock
Sammi Starr, Berwick
Jena Simmons, Tunkhannock
Kristi Skok, Wyoming Area
Gianna Spaciano, Dallas
Kiera Brown, Nanticoke Area
Paige Mokychic, Tunkhannock
Second team
Cassidy Graham, Wyoming Area
Gwen Glatz, Wyoming Area
Danielle Krispin, Tunkhannock
Morgan Briggs, Nanticoke Area
Brooke Stout, Berwick
Cassie Novakowski, Nanticoke Area
Jenn Bulford, Tunkhannock
Kendra Saba, Dallas
Christina Schappert, Dallas
Alison Francis, Dallas
Sarah Traver, Tunkhannock
Kari Melberger, Wyoming Area
Honorable mention
Hailey Farr, Tunkhannock
Erin Dunn, Tunkhannock
Jilann Baron, Nanticoke Area
Gabby Rakowski, Nanticoke Area
Megan Murphy, Nanticoke Area
Brinley Sobeck, Nanticoke Area
Bri Pizzano, Wyoming Area
Annie Karcutskie, Wyoming Area
Julia Kopetchney, Wyoming Area
Nicole Silinskie, Wyoming Area
Mia Dixon, Dallas
Shea Petty, Berwick
Division 3
First team
MVP: Morgan Bienkowski, Holy Redeemer
Co-Player of the Year: Brittany Hebda, Holy Redeemer
Co-Player of the Year: Cassandra Konopki, Lake-Lehman
Kristen Coffay, Holy Redeemer
Abbey Hogan, Lake-Lehman
Nicole Cragle, Northwest
Sam Rajza, Holy Redeemer
Tiana Wren, Holy Redeemer
Brooke Harvey, Northwest
Ashley Bruno, Meyers
Chloe Van Gorder, Lake-Lehman
McKenzie Malys, GAR
Second team
Delaney Romanchick, Wyoming Seminary
Alexis Bruno, Meyers
Meghan Armstrong, Holy Redeemer
Karly Bennett, Hanover Area
Trista Babcock, Northwest
Brenna Babcock, Northwest
Allyson Laiuvara, Holy Redeemer
Emily Smith, Lake-Lehman
Aubrey Mytych, Wyoming Seminary
Abby Shorts, Holy Redeemer
Erin Morris, Meyers
Honorable mention
Melinda Holena, Wyoming Seminary
Emilee Bobos, Hanover Area
Courtney Cragle, Northwest
Rachael Stucker, GAR
Nataliya Scarantino, GAR
Abbi Sattof, Meyers
Dakota Zyskowski, Meyers
Sara Morris, Meyers
Maddie Perchak, MMI Prep
Payge Wufsus, Northwest
Alicia Carr, Wyoming Seminary