WILKES-BARRE — With every championship bout set, 56 wrestlers are one win away from winning District 2 championships.

The semifinals just ended at the Kingston Armory, and the team title race is beginning to take place. Before any titles are won, there’s a consolation round remaining.

Afterward, though, Delaware Valley will wrestle in seven of the 14 Class 3A finals; the Warriors are a clear leader in Class 3A. Class 2A leader Lake-Lehman, meanwhile, advanced six wrestlers into the finals.

The parade of champions is expected to begin around 2.

Check out this morning’s semifinals results as well as the upcoming finals matchups below.

Some highlights in the finals include Valley West’s David Krokowski (126) shooting for a third straight title and Tunkhannock’s Tommy Traver (132) looking for his first gold on the road back to the Class 3A state tournament. Valley West’s J.J. White (113), Dallas’ Steven Newell (170) and Hazleton Area’s Shane Noonan (195) can also repeat as D2 champs.

In Class 2A, Berwick’s Nick Yule (113) and Wyoming Area’s Corey Mruk (160) are also a win away from repeating as champs. Lake-Lehman’s Bob Long (126) can win his second D2 title in three years on the road back to states, while Hanover Area state qualifier D.J. Erickson (145) is eyeing his first D2 title.

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Class 3A

106: David Evans (Tun) vs. Joey Porco (DV).

113: J.J. White (VW) vs. Trey Zabroski (Cre).

120: Darren Clarke (Cou) vs. Bobby Zelinski (Scr).

126: David Krokowski (VW) vs. Machias Magill (DV).

132: Jake Brown (Cou) vs. Tommy Traver (Tun).

138: Thad Mead (Dal) vs. Mike McKinney (DV).

145: Jeremiah Oakes (Scr) vs. Jack Dardia (DV).

152: William Evanitsky (Scr) vs. Anthony Krug (Wal).

160: Jacob Burgette (Scr) vs. Ron Grevera (Cre).

170: Steven Newell (Dal) vs. Jason Henderson (DV)

182: Andrew Kidd (DV) vs. Jeremy Seymour (WS).

195: Shane Noonan (Haz) vs. Tyler Neglia (Wal).

220: Sam Rice (Tun) vs. John McCarthy (DV).

285: David DeGroat (Wal) vs. Shawn Henninger (Dal).


Class 2A

106: Jason Carver (Mey) vs. Tristyn Bodie (Hon).

113: Nick Yule (Ber) vs. Joe Rowley (Han).

120: Zach Stuart (L-L) vs. Sammy Segers (SP).

126: Bob Long (L-L) vs. Brandon Judge (VV).

132: Garrett Kolb (L-L) vs. Matt Davis (Hon).

138: Matthew Leslie (WW) vs. Hunter Burke (L-L).

145: D.J. Erickson (Han) vs. Adam Roe (BR).

152: Braden McIntosh (WW) vs. Brandon Lawson (Hon).

160: Corey Mruk (WA) vs. Alec Buttner (SP).

170: Owen Hivner (LT) vs. Cole Aukema (Mon).

182: Justin Joseph (WA) vs. J.J. Hooper (Han).

195: Ivan Balavage (SP) vs. T.J. Meehan (L-L).

220: Cole Fuller (WW) vs. Connor Judge (VV).

285: Kaleb Konigus (L-L) vs. John Shnipes (VV).



Class 3A

106: David Evans (Tun) dec. Cadden Kucek (VW), 11-6; Joey Porco (DV) pinned Austin Fashouer (WS), 3:35.

113: J.J. White (VW) dec. Preston Machado (DV), 4-0; Trey Zabroski (Cre) dec. Anthony Caramanno (WS), 11-9 (SV).

120: Darren Clarke (Cou) tech fall Christian Kislan (Haz), 16-0 (5:06); Bobby Zelinski (Scr) dec. David Gavek (Tun), 6-3.

126: David Krokowski (VW) tech fall Jordan Miale (Cre), 21-3 (5:23); Machias Magill (DV) major dec. Ryan Lombardo (PA), 12-2.

132: Jake Brown (Cou) pinned Garrett Walsh (WS), 1:26; Tommy Traver (Tun) dec. Charles Everdale (Haz), 9-4.

138: Thad Mead (Dal) dec. Jacob Rosenstein (AH), 4-1; Mike McKinney (DV) dec. Joshua Brown (Cou), 5-1.

145: Jeremiah Oakes (Scr) tech fall Landon Stanislow (VW), 15-0 (4:56); Jack Dardia (DV) dec. Kade Kravits (Dal), 5-4.

152: William Evanitsky (Scr) pinned John Betzko (Dal), 4:21; Anthony Krug (Wal) dec. Jayson Brielmeier (Haz), 2-1.

160: Jacob Burgette (Scr) pinned Aidan Price (AH), 3:12; Ron Grevera (Cre) pinned Jaylon Brunson (VW), 4:42.

170: Steven Newell (Dal) dec. Jake Cole (Cou), 5-0; Jason Henderson (DV) dec. Jake Marnell (Haz), 10-8.

182: Andrew Kidd (DV) pinned Seth Drake (AH), 0:40; X Jeremy Seymour (WS) dec. Connor Munley (Tun), 7-2.

195: Shane Noonan (Haz) pinned Gavin Drake (AH), 1:45; Tyler Neglia (Wal) pinned Brandon Crusen (Scr), 1:33.

220: Sam Rice (Tun) pinned Taylor Bolesta (Dal), 0:54; John McCarthy (DV) pinned Shane O’Rourke (Cre), 3:15.

285: David DeGroat (Wal) dflt. Michael Fuchick (Haz); Shawn Henninger (Dal) dec. Jose Falcon (DV), 6-1.


Class 2A

106: Jason Carver (Mey) dec. Antonio D’Apollonio (SP), 11-5; Tristyn Bodie (Hon) pinned Dimitri Reggie (WW), 3:55.

113: Nick Yule (Ber) pinned Peter West (Hon), 2:25; Joe Rowley (Han) dec. Andrew Rosevear (Mon), 4-3.

120: Zach Stuart (L-L) dec. Nathaniel McArthur (BR), 11-5; Sammy Segers (SP) major dec. Jordan Young (Hon), 21-11.

126: Bob Long (L-L) pinned Cullen Ratchford (LT), 1:34; Brandon Judge (VV) dec. Joe Hester (Mon), 6-4.

132: Garrett Kolb (L-L) pinned Mitchell Herzog (WW), 1:32; Matt Davis (Hon) pinned Oliver Egan (SP), 3:47.

138: Matthew Leslie (WW) pinned Robin Wrobleski (WA), 1:24; Hunter Burke (L-L) dec. Joe Rutledge (Hon), 4-0.

145: D.J. Erickson (Han) pinned Jake Trumbower (L-L), 4:27; Adam Roe (BR) dec. Mikyle Fabrizio (Mon), 3-1.

152: Braden McIntosh (WW) dec. Nick Zaboski (L-L), 2-0 (SV); Brandon Lawson (Hon) dec. Alec Talanca (Ber), 6-0.

160: Corey Mruk (WA) major dec. Thomas Gudykunst (BR), 15-4; Alec Buttner (SP) major dec. Kasen Taylor (WW), 18-7.

170: Owen Hivner (LT) dec. Michael Lenahan (Han), 6-0; Cole Aukema (Mon) pinned Colin Browne (Mey), 4:12.

182: Justin Joseph (WA) pinned Bryan Ryan (Mon), 3:20; J.J. Hooper (Han) dec. Jake Kabonick (Hon), 4-3.

195: Ivan Balavage (SP) tech fall Jaryn Polit-Moran (WA), 16-0 (4:31); T.J. Meehan (L-L) pinned Alex Hollister (WW), 4:34.

220: Cole Fuller (WW) pinned Shane Repasky (NA), 1:43; Connor Judge (VV) pinned John Kuhns-Miller (Hon), 0:48.

285: Kaleb Konigus (L-L) dec. Ken Huber (Hon), 2-0; John Shnipes (VV) pinned Damon Barhight (WA), 4:39.