We are obviously very early in the Wyoming Valley Conference softball season.

Most teams have played about four games. A few have played five. Dallas is only two games in.

I’ve made it out to three games myself: Holy Redeemer’s season-opening blowout at home against Lake-Lehman; Wyoming Seminary’s walk-off winner against Northwest; and Nanticoke Area’s stirring defeat of Tunkhannock in a rematch of last year’s WVC Division 2 championship game.

Hazleton Area’s Hope Kinney is the only player in the WVC thus far with two home runs. Photo by Christopher Dolan / The Citizens’ Voice.

So, with that being said, these leaders will change often over the course of this season. But with no games scheduled for today, why not go ahead and release the first batch of conference leaders?

With no further adieu, here are the WVC’s statistical leaders early in the season …

Division 1
Taylor Kaschak, Haz 2
Sydney Sobolewski, Cre 2
Kayla Kulp, Cre 2

Six tied with 1

Home runs
Hope Kinney, Haz 2

Division 2
Kylie Levan, Ber 4
Jess Parente, WA 4
Jenna Lipowski, NA 2

Three tied with 1

Home runs
Four tied with 1

Division 3
Brittany Hebda, HR 3
Cassandra Konopki, L-L 3
Chloe Van Gorder, L-L 2
Kristen Coffay, HR 2
Meghan Armstrong, HR 2
Devon Keiper, Mey 2
Payge Wufsus, NW 2
Emilee Bobos, Han 2

Alexis Bruno, Mey 3
Brittany Hebda, HR 2
Erin Morris, Mey 2
Melinda Holena, Sem 2

Home runs
Nine tied with 1